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  The Production Company    

GK Makwana Films is the brainchild of Girish Makwana and reflects his interests and creative impulses. Since it was first set up as an independent production company in 1995/1996 it has grown and evolved in its scope as an independent production company. Originally it was a vehicle to produce live music performances of a broad range of musical genres in India. Over time, the company moved into broadcasting, creating background music for radio programmes, television commercials and serials, all the while continuing to produce music performance which bridges the cultural divide of musical genres on an international level.

As part of this ongoing work, the group “Tihai3” was formed in 2004/2005. “Tihai3” has as its focus Indian classical music, but works in collaboration with different musicians and musical styles. It comes then as no surprise that the music of “Tihai3” combines traditional Indian instruments with non-Indian instruments.

By 2010 GK Makwana Films had diversified to include film and documentary productions, a reflection of Girish Makwana’s evolution as musician, script writer, director, producer and filmmaker. The company, now based in Australia, has firm cultural and creative ties with India.
“The Colour of Darkness” is GK Makwana Film’s first international feature film.

Future Projects

GK Makwana Films is currently planning a second feature film “SADHU”. Shooting is expected to begin in 2018. Negotiations with Hollywood have been initiated and discussions with an actress are under way.

Company Info

Chief Executive Officer

Lorraine Grigg

Chief Operating Officer - Director

Girish Makwana


Fotis sakellaropoulos (Frank)

Public Relations

Ingrid Gang

Marketing and Publicity

Georgia Grigg

Special Adviser

Dr. Sharif As- Saber Rmit

Content Writer Ingrid Gang
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