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Girish Makwana – script writer, director, filmmaker, composer and musician


Girish Makwana, Indian-Australian filmmaker, combines his love of music with filmmaking in his film The Colour of Darkness. He holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in music performance as well as a doctorate in music composition. Girish has worked to much acclaim to promote India’s musical culture and traditional Indian instruments to wider audiences in Australia.

In 2010 Girish moved into the world of filmmaking and completed both a Diploma and a Masters degree in Film and TV Production. The Colour of Darkness showcases Girish’s multi-faceted skills and talents.


The Colour of Darkness


The Colour of Darkness is set in two continents dealing with themes of discrimination and violence. These themes are manifested within both the intercultural tensions in the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne and the ongoing struggles within the caste system in India. A young Australian journalist is sent to investigate an attack on an Indian student, setting in motion a chain of events with significant personal and societal consequences. Inspired by the frenzied media coverage that followed real-life attacks on Indian students in Melbourne, director Girish Makwana has crafted a detailed and immersive narrative that explores the real ramifications of deep-rooted discrimination.

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