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The Colour of Darkness
In 2010 the city of Melbourne became the focus of intense media scrutiny

after a series of violent attacks on Indian international students.


Girish Makwana, in the early stages of his career as filmmaker, found the inspiration for the film “The Colour of Darkness” in the coverage of these events. He observed the escalating media frenzy
about GK

Girish Makwana, born in India but now a citizen and resident of Australia, began life in Gujarat State, India. He initially studied to be a microbiologist, but felt overwhelmingly drawn towards a musical career. He embarked on a course of studies in music performance in India and later in Australia. From an initial focus on Indian classical styles he moved to also embrace Western classical music. He holds Bachelor and Masters Degrees in music performance from the MS University of Baroda in India, in Australia Girish is a much acclaimed and respected member of the Indian community and has worked tirelessly to promote India’s musical culture and traditional Indian instruments to wider audiences in Australia.

Photography by Stephen Skok
“RELEASE 3rd OF NOVEBER IN NADIAD,AHMEDABAD,SURAT AND VALSAD IN GUJARAT STATE CINEMAS, The Colour of Darkness” is an independent feature film shot on location in India and Australia. It is written, directed and scored by acclaimed musician and film maker Girish Makwana.
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